Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Search Of...

I've posted before about "The ones that got away"….every Lilly lover worth their weight in Elsas and Murfees has those pieces they missed out on. My list changes from time to time as I find and discover old pieces and add to my collection. While I was pregnant, I finally obtained my "holy grail" Lilly, the Dasha dress in white tailwind! I'm looking forward to wearing it soon. Lately I've been paying extra special attention to eBay and various buy and sell pages on Facebook for the currents on my "In Search Of…" list. 

The Reecey dress from Spring 2008. I bought this dress back in 2008 and it arrived with stains and the bow was falling off. The shop I bought it from didn't have any more and I never found it again.

The Murfee scarf in Itam Apricot. I have a red car coat I wear very often and it would look fabulous with this scarf. A little Lilly in the winter…what could be better?

The Leandra dress in Just Add Mint! I remember clearly when this dress came out. I loved it but it was impractical for a pregnant lady. Now that I'm back in the game, I'm absolutely kicking myself for not getting it….it was even on sale in the Endless Summer Sale as well as Rue La La last year. Maybe someone will have one they tire of I'll find someday…!

I know you've got those pieces you're "In Search Of"! 
What are they?!


wahine0814 said...

I sadly never got my hands in an Anders dress. I would be happy with any print, but love it in Booty Caw! I've gotten close on eBay and Re-Lilly but haven't snagged it yet.

LPC said...

To the deep sorrow of my finances, an aqua blue Louis Vuitton from their new line:).

eHa said...

I truly regret not buying a hot to trot worth shift in 2011. I could have pretended the horses were white mules, my college mascot.

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

I have been ISO the Lilly Addelson dress I the print "It Can Be Arramged" for two years. I bought the dress the summer prior to my daughter's graduation to wear to her graduation the next spring, and the morning of the ceremony I realized I had bought the WRONG size! I had tried on two sizes in the fitting room and bought the too small size! I LOVE the dress and have been searching for my size ever since!

Good luck in your search!!!

Monograms and Martha Moments said...

I wish I could help! I sold my Lilly Pulitzer specialty shop approx. 5 years ago and am just now getting around to selling inventory. Please keep me in mind when you are looking for Lilly items! I'm new to the blogging world at and you can find me on eBay at
and Poshmark at Thank you!

yogaseven said...

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Miss Janice said...

There are so many Lilly's that I didn't buy and now have regrets! The list gets longer each day.