Thursday, January 23, 2014

OH, Elsa!

Now that I'm back in all my own clothes (yayyyyyy!) and winter has yet to arrive in southern California (no really, where is it?) I've been pulling out my favorite old and new Lilly and wearing it whenever I'm out and about in town-- running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

I've never tried on the Elsa top by Lilly but I'm going to have to do it soon now that they're coming out with a new Elsa every month this year in a new pattern! It seems all my Lilly loving BFFs rave about this top and it seems to flatter most everyone.

Last week Lilly unveiled the first SIX prints it will be offered in and I was so excited to see both Hotty Pink First Impression and Chin Chin in the first six. I'm nuts about both prints. I worry the flowers in First Impression might not flatter someone so, errr, top heavy-- but I'm willing to try it on and see! The Chin Chin pattern looks absolutely perfect and perhaps the timing of it coming out in May (first ever Mother's Day gift, anyone?) is pure luck!

I did cringe when I learned today they run $158 a pop. I've been buying Lilly on sale for so long I had nearly forgotten what full price looked like!

I sure hope the Elsa looks as good on me as it looks on everyone else and I love that Lilly is offering something NEW for Lilly Lovers to be excited about this year.

What do you say? Will you buy one of the new Elsas? Which one? 


Lauren said...

The most flattering tops, you will love them! I scored one during the New Year Cheer sale so I am up to 3. Hotty pink first impression is a FAVE print of mine!

Gracie Beth said...

Chin chin will be mine even at $158

Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

I am also a huge fan of the Hotty Pink First Impression print and may have to splurge on the $158 price tag! So cute!!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Don't laugh, Muffy. I have one article of Lily clothing, and it's an Elsa top! It's great, I really want a solid one soon though. Or that elephant one you posted. Giggles. :-)

Apparently Alabama has been getting all this winter weather you haven't seen lately. Sheesh!

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