Monday, June 24, 2013

The Halfway Point

Can you believe how quickly time is flying? A week ago Saturday we hit the 20 week point in our pregnancy which marks halfway until our duo is a trio!

Sometime in our second week of vacation, I went from looking merely bloated and chubby to appearing to be with child. I just woke up one day and there was no denying I was in a family way.

I always assumed I'd be HUGE pregnant. My teeny tiny mother who weighed around 90 lbs when she got pregnant with me stop stepping on the scale when she reached 190 at the end of her pregnancy. I took one look at Kim Kardashian and assumed that was my fate. Looking like a beached whale with a double chin. I was very surprised the constant nausea and my general lack of well-being caused me to lose about 5 pounds.

After our vacation, I expected to see a little movement on the scale but not much happened. Even now I'm almost back to pre-pregnancy weight but it changes every day and may go up or down on a whim. I was very anxious about this until my doctor assured me the baby is healthy and looks good and as she so aptly put it, "The weight will find you." {Let's be honest, I was far from thin to begin with!}

For now, I do feel better from time to time which is SUCH a great relief and I'm just enjoying finding ways to dress around this big ole bump. Now that I've actually got one, I'm wondering just how big I'll get again! July 24th we'll enter our third trimester (can't wait!) and that's plenty of time to do my best fat cow impersonation.

While we were on vacation, our family SPOILED us and baby with lots of celebrations and gifts. What a special time. In Arkansas, my Sissy took me to the baby section and Dillard's and said, "Start picking things out! I want to buy you baby things!" I wasted no time picking out the most adorable little boy items. You just can't find cute stuff like this in southern California! I swear. Love it all.

The Missouri relatives would not be outdone by the Arkies and we were baked the cutest baby cake by a cousin complete with fondant onesie!!! It was unreal. We were so touched by the gift from Skipp's 97 year old great Uncle who sewed a beautiful green quilt for Baby M! I tried not to be the over-emotional pregnant woman and cry when he gave it to us, but it was just such a touching and wonderful gift.

Now we start thinking about the other stuff-- building a nursery, starting registries, having baby showers (squee!) and preparing for baby. We've been SO LUCKY to get a TON of hand me downs. We've already got a changing table, changing table pads, crib mattress, a pack and play, gosh, I couldn't even tell you what else. I'm not entirely sure I even know what half the items in the future nursery are! We still need some big things-- my parents want to get us the crib and we'll still need a car seat and stroller and things like that, but we've been very blessed already.

When we went to our 20 week appointment, I was so surprised to see how BIG Baby M is now! He's really looking fully formed and it felt so real. That's my baby boy in there! I'm excited to do our 4D ultrasound in a few weeks and see his face. Our cousin and my sister in law both did 4Ds near the end and the babies came out looking JUST LIKE they did on screen. Gosh, I hope we have a cute kid!!!

We narrowed down our list to a few names, but Baby M is still Baby M for now. Skipp and I just cannot agree on names we both like. Oh well, we have time! 20 weeks, to be exact....!


LPC said...

I am sure he'll be cute as a button! As is your bump:).

AEOT said...

Do a naming post, will you? I love seeing peoples ideas for names formulate and how they come up with things. I did one for each baby, and it definitely was fun to talk about without ever sharing the real names!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Love that little bump! So precious to follow you through this wonderful part of life! Have a great week, Muffy!

Katie Clooney said...

What a great trip you had!! So happy for you. Love hearing about your pregnancy... I feel like I've known you for years...Enjoy every minute..

BroncoMom said...

Whatever you and Skip decide to name
Munchkin Martini, he will be most loved and adored.!!Reading your thoughts as you travel down this new road of an expanding family has been so fun Muffy. Thanks for sharing this special time with all of us.

Ireland said...

Love the bump, creation of live. But also love your From engagement ring and eternity ring, nice bit of bling going on there

The Mrs. said...

Those outfits are divine! I dressed Landon like a prince and loved every second of it!!!!

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